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Wholesale Inquiry
Baina2016 / 2014-09-14

Ceramics series:

Ceramco3 porcelain powder dentin, ceramco3 paste opaque, ceramco B, ceramco3 glaze powder, ceramco2 glaze powder, ceramco glaze liquid, ceramco special liquid, ceramco crystal,noritake ex3 porcelain powder, noritake CZR, noritake TI-22,noritake cerabien,shofu porcelain powder,rosetta hass ingots,flourish ceramics powder,emax ingots

Vita powder, vita full-ceramic powder, vita paste opaque, vita B, vita WO, VITA stain, vita op liquid, vita porcelain liquid, vita opaque modifier liquid, vita glaze powder, vita 16 colors shade guide, vita 3D shade guide,, vita foams, vita high temp cotton

Ivoclar powder, ivoclar paste opaque, ivoclar stain, ivoclar OP fluid, ivoclar porcelain special liquid, ivoclar margin fluid,

Bricera porcelain powder, Bricera paste opaque, bricera B, bricera2 glaze fluid, bricera2 glaze powder.

Densply hanger glaze fluid, densply hanger glaze powder, densply hanger paste opaque, densply hanger crystal



ALLOY SERIES: Changping metal, titanium alloy, Janpan stent titanium alloy, KC porcelain alloy, high temp soldering paste, NEO COCr porcelain alloy, Bego cocr porcelain alloy, NEO porcelain titanium alloy, NEO stent titanium alloy, DH stent metal, DF stent alloy, PDS stent alloy, PDN stent alloy, Janpan soft metal, America soft alloy, tilite porcelain titanium alloy, precious alloy



Polishing series,

Sander polishing series: DEDECO rubber wheel, DEDECO rubber point, D-LINE rubber wheel, D-LINE rubber point, SAN-I 0.2 thin slice, SAN-I 0.7 thick slice, SAN-I 1.0 slice, SAN-I slice, mounted stone

ELA tungsten bur, meisinger tungsten bur, MSG tungsten bur, silicon carbide bur, SS bur, Janpan porcelain pen, mandrels, brush with handle, sander ring, polishing brush, NTI polishing wheel, NTI tungsten DFS carbide bur, Taiwan drill, diamond carbide bur, diamond slice, cloth wheel,woolen wheel, polishing wax, BBB polishing wax, brush with handle, brush, sander ring, small woolen wheel, saw blade, Janpan gap dose




Taiwan modeling wax, sculpture wax, sivuch dipping wax, sivuch wax hook, sivuch figure wax, renfert yellow dipping wax, blue green wax, TAIWAN margin wax, BEGO margin wax, figure wax, hook wax, wax net, wax clasp, thin wax, Kerr dipping wax, inlay wax, Shanghai wax line, Shanghai red wax slice, Shanghai thin wax



Casting series,


Luoyang Beiyuan investment powder, Degussa porcelain casting powder, Feima investment, Bego investment, electrolyte, Degussa stain casting powder, DURAFORAM dipping wax, super hard gypsum, MG agar, Mega electtrolyte, Taiwan agar, America invisibility rubber colloid partical, invisibility high temperature oil, Densply denture base polymers, Xinshiji Denture powder heatsetting, xinshiji denture base polymers, Xinshiji self-soldering denture liquid, Xinshiji denture base powder, Beiqiong denture base powder, South Korea agar, Alumina sand, Densply denture base liquid 250ml, hard liquid 946ml, model hard liquid 4PCS/box, FIT gypsum hardner, Janpan gypsum handnerm, China denture base liquid hot-soldering, China denture base liquid self-soldering, China denture base powder hot-soldering, China denture base powder self-soldering, KERR separateliquid, KERR clean wax liquid.




Dental machine,

Sandblasting machine, Protang diamond sandblasting machine, Protang single pen aluminum sandblast machine, Protang 3 pen aluminum sandblasting machine, Protang investment machine, Protang  agar mixing machine, Protang articulator, Protang modeling trimmer, Protang dry trimmer, Protang PIN borer and dry trimmer, Protang wax burn out small furnance, Protang burn our furnance big furnance, Protang steam cleaner, Protang small vibrator, Protang big vibrator, Protang centrifugal casting machine, Protang high power suction, Protang polishing motor, Protang parallel measurer, Luoyang xinshiji porcelain furnance, Luoyang classical furnance, Luoyang tiancai1 porcelain furnance, Luoyang tiancai2 porcelain furnance, Densply 7.0 furnance, high speed cutting machine, south korea polishing machine, ultrasonic cleanerer, centrifugal casting machine, gypsum inside polishing machine, gypsum revised machine, PIN borer machine, vaccum modeling machine, modeling viewing, loop wheel machine, vibrator, electrolytic polishing, 3 pots melting wax machine, centrifugal spring, NSK air operated machine, FIT gap oil, NSK handpiece components, DEMCO handpiece, DEMCO chuck, DEMCO spring, NSK handpiece nose, loop wheel machine hanpiece, loop wheel machine carbide brush, loop wheel machine inside wiring, loop wheel outside wiring, south korea handpiece bearing, south korea carbide brush, south korea chuck, south korea hanpiece rotor, PIN nail, sande blast pen, sande blase nozzle



Other material,

Separate model box, tooth model box, one time articulator, deliver box, rubber separate base, silicon separate model base, single nail, sleeve nail, 3D invisibility rubber glue, China invisibily rubber glue, double nail, copy model box, gas light, calliper, modelling base, crucible, invest ring, hemostat, gypsum nixing bowl, firing tray, glue, VITA high temprature cotton, paint, blade, surgical blade handle, magetic articulator, millstone, gypsum saw, technician pliers, carving blade, gypsum mixing tool, scissor, wax modeling tool, brush pen


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